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Report Hourly Stats
Save metrics about the account, campaigns, ad groups, and keywords to a Google Spreadsheet every hour to help you understand intra-day patterns of activity for your account.
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Purpose of this AdWords Script

Have you ever wanted a way to get more granular stats for AdWords than what's available from the AdWords website? Well then this AdWords automation script is for you... It saves stats for campaigns, ad groups and keywords you choose to a spreadsheet once per hour. It can even save the maximum CPC and the Quality Score, two elements whose historical values are not saved inside AdWords.

Example Use Cases
  • Keep track of attributes that the AdWords system does not provide historical data for. For example, use this script to record the Quality Score of your most important keywords every hour. AdWords does not store historical QS so the only way to get this data is to save it.
  • Understand the delivery curve for your ads so you can understand if most of your budget is spent at a particular time of the day. The next time your boss wants to know why the account spend seems low for the day, you can use this hourly data to make sure things are running as expected and show that spend always picks up later in the day.
  • Monitor your top 10 most important keywords more closely than the rest of your account by automatically putting their latest stats into a spreadsheet which you can then use to feed into a dashboard.
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