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Keyword Match Type Report
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Purpose of this AdWords Script

This free AdWords Script shows the distribution of keywords in your AdWords account by match type (Exact, Phrase, Broad). Compare performance for each match type by looking at aggregate impressions, clicks, cost, CTR and conversion data for each match type. It creates a new Google Spreadsheet that contains a table with all the results as well as a chart of how the different match types perform.

  • The first sheet contains campaign level data showing how many keywords are in each campaign and how many are broad, phrase, or exact match.
  • The second sheet contains account-wide data including performance metrics by match type as well as a graphical representation of CTR by match type.
Example Use Cases
  • Find accounts that are not using a good mix of keyword match types. For example, if all keywords are broad match, the account could probably benefit from the addition of additional match types.
  • Compare the performance of exact match keywords to broad match keywords to help you find the correct bid when you add new keywords of a particular match type to the account. For example, if you know that exact match keywords convert at twice the rate of broad match keywords, you might want to bid twice as much for an exact match as for a broad match.
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