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Hourly Campaign Level Dayparts
Set hourly bid adjustments in AdWords and show ads with the right bids to optimize your CPA and ROAS no matter what time of day it is.
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Purpose of this AdWords Script

This script makes it possible to set hourly bid adjustments in AdWords for every hour of every weekday. Whereas the AdWords website has a limit of 6 dayparts per day, this Enhanced Script lets you change your bid adjustments every single hour.

You can set the same bid adjustments for all campaigns, or different ones for each campaign. This script also works with shopping campaigns.

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Your dayparting bid adjustments are maintained in a Google Spreadsheet so it is very easy to make bulk adjustments. Simply make a copy of this spreadsheet to create your own settings for use with this script.

Example Use Cases
  • Set different bids for every hour to maintain a high impression share at the best converting times of the day.
  • Bid lower during hours and days when users are placing orders with a smaller average basket value.
  • Set up to 168 different bid adjustments for each week.
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