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Generate Text Ad Bulksheets
Generate a spreadsheet that can be used to quickly add new ads to your account in bulk when it's time to add new seasonal creatives, or when ad groups are no longer running enough ad tests.
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Purpose of this AdWords Script

This script generates a bulksheet that can be used to create new ads for AdWords. Used to create new ads quickly to highlight promotions or seasonal messaging or to create new ads in ad groups that don't have enough ad tests going on.

  • Automatically adds the correct number of rows for the ad groups where you want to create new ads.
  • Automatically selects the current best performing ad as the starting point for creating new ads.
  • The bulksheet is in the correct format for easy uploading through bulk uploads or AdWords Editor.
  • Compatible with mobile preferred and non-mobile preferred ads.
  • Compatible with text ad and dynamic search ad formats.
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