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Compare Date Range
Find out how metrics have changed between 2 date ranges, for example during the 2 weeks before and after an optimization.
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Purpose of this AdWords Script

This script makes it easier to compare the performance of an account across two date ranges. It downloads reports including account data, campaign data, ad group data, keyword data and ad text data for the two time periods you specify and then combines them into a single Google Spreadsheet that shows the percent change for each item.

Note that this script was created before AdWords supported date range comparisons in their interface so it may be less relevant today.

Example Use Cases
  • Get a report every Monday that shows last week's account performance compared to two weeks ago
  • Get a report on the first of the month that shows last month's account performance compared to two months ago
  • Get a report that compares the same number of days (and same days of the week) before and after an optimization was made
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